Clinical Practice Policies

Payment is due at each visit and may be made by cash, check, or credit card. All missed appointments or those cancelled less than two business days in advance will be fully charged. Patients are financially responsible for all recurring weekly therapy sessions, regardless of cancellation. The patient / financially responsible party acknowledges any use of insurance is considered out-of-network, that benefits and reimbursement rates have been discussed with the insurance company before seeing Dr. McDonald, and that benefit eligibility is no guarantee of actual reimbursement. 

Medication refills can usually be submitted electronically to the pharmacy within one business day. Refills are not issued on weekends or holidays. Patients receiving medication treatment must be seen at least once every three months. No medication refills will be issued without an office visit within the previous three months.

Phone messages left during business hours will be returned within one business day. Messages left on evenings, weekends, and holidays will be returned the next business day. In case of medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Email should only be used for non-urgent, non-clinical needs. Please use the secure messaging service through the OnPatient portal, available for established patients, to send clinically-related information.


Medical doctors are licensed and regulated by the Medical Board of California
(800) 633-2322